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Emotional Support Resources

Among the physical and financial battle that a patient often struggles with, cancer treatment can also take an emotional toll on a patient, which is why it is essential to have a strong support system in your cancer journey. Use these resources below!

Find a Support Group

          Having a support system is a very important part of treatment. Finding a support group of others in similar situations is one way of achieving this: family members and friends may not understand the battle you're going through and be able to offer support to you in a time of need. Whether it be with a traditional in-person support group or an online board of colon cancer patients, it can be quite helpful to talk with others going through treatment as well to ensure that you are not alone in this battle!

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Our Support Group

In addition to providing resources, we also hold regular support group meetings where patients, caregivers, and providers can share their experiences with colorectal cancer.

Click our logo to see our upcoming support group meetings!


Ostomy Support Groups

For those with Colostomies, the United Ostomy Associations of America has regular Ostomy support groups. To find one near you, click the logo above!



A private group on Facebook for patients to connect with other patients with similar situations. Members can join "neighborhoods" tailored to their specific colon cancer circumstances. Click the logo above to be redirected to Colontown.

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Support Group Chat

Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Patient and Family Support Group Chat allows those affected by colorectal cancer to gather and discuss issues related to colon cancer.


Support Groups Near You

The American Cancer Society has a support group locator to find cancer support groups near you. Find more information by clicking the above logo!



A Reddit forum where colon cancer patients and caregivers can ask questions or share stories related to colon cancer. Click the above logo to be redirected to Reddit's r/coloncancer.

Spiritual Support Services

An important part of a strong support system is finding foundation in your faith. A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can make one question their faith and beliefs. If you are spiritual, it may be a good idea to speak with your pastor or religious leader who may be able to address any concerns and offer support to you. If you are in need of spiritual support, we work with clergies of all religions which we can put you in touch with. If this is something you'd be interested in, please contact us.

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