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Doctor and Patient

Patient Resources

Below you will find a plethora of resources tailored towards patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Whether you are a patient yourself, a caregiver/loved one, or a practitioner, we recommend you read through the resources thoroughly as there is a lot of information available that can greatly benefit one's treatment. 

For newly diagnosed patients, view our "next steps" subsection, where you can find information regarding the next steps after cancer diagnosis. 

There is a lot of homework to be done by you and/or your loved ones in order to get familiar with medical terms, treatment options, expectations and other aspects of the disease. These resources, along with your healthcare teams, have nearly all the answers you will need to help you get through it.

Newly Diagnosed?

Click below to see resources dedicated to those who are going through the whirlwind of a colon cancer diagnosis.


Informational Resources

View our favorite colorectal cancer organizations, the top oncology and surgical centers, and other treatment resources.

Emotional Resources

From support groups to counseling to spiritual care, see our emotional resources for those affected by colon cancer.

Financial Resources

Check out our articles on insurance, grants, and other resources dedicated to the financial battle of cancer. 

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