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Financial Resources

Colorectal cancer treatment can get expensive. Use these resources for insurance and financial assistance programs to help battle the financial front of cancer.

Financial Assistance Programs

Many different charities and organizations offer Financial Assistance Programs dedicated to providing stipends to try to cover some of the costs associated with colorectal cancer. Unfortunately, these programs are difficult to come by and often are a shot in the dark, as many programs have a very low rate of approval since there are many people applying for them. Regardless, these programs still exist, and applying for these Financial Assistance Programs could help to benefit your pocket in your treatment plan. These programs are generally not made for covering the cost of treatment, but with some of the costs of daily life which are often difficult to keep up with for cancer patients.

There are a great number different programs, some of which tailor to certain demographics, which you may fall under and thus be more likely to receive assistance. A list of the best Financial Assistance Programs are listed below:


Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

Many drug manufacturers offer patient assistance programs where they offer discounts on chemotherapies and other medications for treatment. As these prescription medications are generally very pricey, these programs often take a large chunk of the cost down. Each medication has a different program, so we have listed all approved brand-name colorectal cancer medications and their respective patient assistance programs, if applicable.​​

If you are insured, these programs generally help with copay payment options and other forms of financial assistance. To enroll in these programs, call the associated hotline and ask for information about their Patient Assistance Programs, or visit their website.

For more information about any of these programs, or if you'd like some assistance with applying for any of these programs, email us.

More Financial Resources

Besides financial assistance programs from charities and patient assistance programs, there are many more financial resources that are beneficial to utilize to help on the financial front of cancer treatment. Some of these are listed below, with additional descriptions of the services they offer. We realize this can be overwhelming --- there are a lot of terms you may not understand and a lot of specific programs which you may have no clue about. If at any point you'd like to talk this over with anyone, please call us at (352) 503-8777 and we'd be happy to help you.

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