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Citrus CRC in the News

See what we're doing in our community to advocate for colon cancer prevention and  resource awareness.

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A colon cancer survivor is helping patients absorb the shock of diagnosis by providing support and information.

Karen Fisher recently sat at her kitchen table putting together packets of resources for newly-diagnosed colon cancer patients . . .  READ MORE

By Megan Carella | Citrus County Chronicle | 8/14/2022

Karen Fisher has a message for people: “Get scoped.” She is so serious about it that she formed a foundation – the Citrus Colorectal Cancer Foundation – dedicated to spreading that message and helping others get information and resources they need . . . READ MORE

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By Fred Hiers | Citrus County Chronicle | 8/18/2021

Katie West doesn’t feel slighted.

“I’m glad it wasn’t my children, my sons-in-law or my grandchildren,” West told the Chronicle. “That would have made me feel cheated. I’m glad it was me and not them that got ... cancer.” . . . READ MORE

By Fred Hiers | Citrus County Chronicle | 4/07/2021

Karen Fisher did most things right: she exercised, didn’t overindulge in bad food, and was mostly healthy.

But that didn’t matter. She got colon cancer anyway.

What’s unique for Fisher, who was 54 years old when diagnosed, is that she was relativity young to get the disease. . . READ MORE

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