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Vendor Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines then fill out the application form below. Thank you for your participation.

- Please have something at your booth related to colon cancer. Examples include: blue ribbon or poop
emoji crafts for sale; food, drinks or games with colon related names; or display a fact or statistic about
colon cancer. We are here to raise awareness so be creative. However, this is a family event so please
refrain from using any profanity in the names.
- Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis. Each vendor space is 10’x5’ under the pavilion or
10’x10’ outside the pavilion unless specific arrangements have been made. Vendors must provide their
own tents (for 10’x10’ areas), tables, chairs and other accessories.
- Electric outlets are available on a first come, first serve basis. Vendors must supply their own extension
cords as well as approved safety coverings to prevent accidents. Only decibel rated 75 or below generators
are permitted unless specific arrangements have been made.
- Pets and Service animals must be well-behaved, properly supervised and cleaned up after. Vendors are
held responsible for pet behavior.
- Smoking (including vaping) is not permitted inside the festival area. Free nicotine patches will be available
at the Registration booth.
- Set up may begin at 7am. After unloading your vehicle, please park in the ball field across the street. All
vehicles must be removed by 845am.
The festival will begin at 9am. You may leave at any time but vehicles
may not be brought into the venue until 3pm for safety reasons.
- Trash must be disposed in the dumpster behind the Depot Pavilion at the end of the festival and as needed
during the festival. Food vendors should provide a waste receptacle at their booth space.
- Tents must be anchored on each leg by at least 15 lbs. of weight. Tent stakes are not allowed.
- Vendors must be licensed and follow all applicable city, state and federal laws pertaining to their business
as well as carry liability insurance and collect Florida sales tax (6%) as applicable.
- Vendors accept responsibility for any injury to anyone at the festival due to vendor negligence or lack of
practicing safety measures.
- Social media sharing is encouraged to increase participation. Use the hashtag #ColonFest24.

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